Why it might be important to learn Data Analytics

This week, I’ve started to learn Data Analytics and Business Intelligent. If I’m a graphic designer, why should I wanted learn those skills? To put in simple, I’m curious about what is the role of the data of our day-to-day lives and I’d want to comprehend the process of analise raw data and for being an active actor —as a designer— in making my own conclusions about the resulting information.

Maybe, that’s why I’m so interested in this subject, because one of my last goals as a practitioner and critical citizen, and more so now; in my role as a PhD student, is to explore how the meaning-making process works in readers when they consume information, especially in people who don’t have access to a certain ‘graphic literacy’ link in those terms and how this creates inequalities and stratifications.

To some extent, I’ve realised that my aim is to borrow ideas from other fields and mix them with my discipline to understand the ‘dark side of the moon’ and thus, translate it for the common audiences, translating it as a participative instance, from the co-creative work with communities.

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