This is important work, but nonetheless, there is little systematic research that combines both how data visualization design works semiotically and the politics and potentials of this semiotic work in relation to specific contexts and for particular groups of people.

—Aiello, 2020. Inventorizing, situating, transforming, p.52.

Make reading, like eating, every day, until reading becomes, like looking, a natural exercise, but always a joyful one.

—Gabriela Mistral


Creating differences

Still, as we know, standardizing language in particular was a powerful way of making nation-states, given the way it combines both centralizing and uniformizing possibilities, and simultaneously allows for the masking of the privilege and power inherent in making decisions about what counts as a (proper) language, and what does not; it is possible to argue that language is learnable, and hence perfectly democratic.
———————————————————————(Higonnet 1980; Bauman and Briggs 2003).