Infante 1415, wayfinding

Under the problem of the lack of visual codes to guide the route, the students of the “Information Design” course generated a visual system that would identify and help the users of the Infante 1415 co-work to know its different spaces in an easy, fast and intuitive way, using the stencil and the geometric figures in large volume to appropriate the spaces. This was the final delivery at the course level.

Course «Information Design», students of BA (Hons) Graphic Design.
Professional Institute AIEP, 2016.
Students:: Francisco Calfueque, Miguel Duarte, Daniela Giordano, Fabian Santander, Helena Gajardo, Cristopher Gonzalez, Cristian Jamett, Stefano Martínez, Byron Quilondran, Edgard Martinez, Valentina Mella, Yasna Retamales, Kfir Torres, Isabel Poblete.

*NOTE: All the material is authorship of the students, this post has been only published with educational purposes. The use of this material is only for visual reference.

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