I am Barbara Urrutia-Badilla, Visual Communication Designer and University Teacher. I like typography and data visualisation.
I rely on language.

About Barbara

Personal review

From an early age, Barbara showed her fascination for objects, colours and all forms of print and composition with letters in poems, newspaper articles, novels from the family library or games possible in her creative universe.
Her research first experimented in architecture and then professionally in Design and Visual Communication. Barbara sharpened her work in the field of editorial design and especially in the study of typographic discipline.
She founded her own design studio, Ciervo together with Industrial Designer Martín Reyes, who is also her loving husband. Both lead this space that has established itself as a Chilean design office for customised projects and has been a source of inspiration for this young designer.
Bárbara Urrutia Badilla or BUB, like the initials of her name (although we all call her “Buba”) delivers her knowledge passionately and rigorously in the academy, she has taught Visual Communication,

typography and information design in the world of public and private education. From the beginning, she has defended the role of women in design and in professional life, raising her voice and speaking out with ‘Mansas Typas’, the project of a woman who was the leader of a generation of women in design and typography, opening a feminine position in the prevailing masculine typographic panorama in Chile.
She has participated in talks, meetings, workshops as a student and as a teacher. Restless and with an imposing voice and ideas, she always dresses in impeccable colours in the perfect equation with the grey scale. She seems to be always ready to star in the series/movie of her life, a life of colour, love and powerful ideas.
They are not indifferent to technology, they like programming codes, social networks, and support binary and millennial language. Their references come from books, music, memes and friendship.

→ Carlos Valenzuela, Visual Artist.


Ph.D. Design U. of Leeds
Data Visualization The New School
Diploma Digital Typography, UCH
Diploma Editorial Design, UCH
Visual Com. Design, UTEM


Typography I and II
Workshop of 1st year

Editorial Design
Typography and Lettering
Data Visualisation

Information Design
Workshop of Typography


Ciervo – My design office
LTNM – Typography’s class UTEM


Flickr – book Covers, Mauricio Amster

Instagram – some inspiration