Workshop of Letterpress, Güiña |  FAU

Every year with my students of Typography I we start to look at the history of the alphabet to get to the printing press and movable type. And what better than getting to know them and interacting with them live and direct?

The final result was a series of 10×14 cm typographic postcards, compiling verses that spoke of love and alluding to the Chilean poetry of the Generation of 1938.

– Collaborative work with Güiña Press, alumni of BA (Hons) Graphic Design, University of Chile.

Course: “Typography I” , students of BA (Hons) Visual Communication, Technological Metropolitan University.
Assistants: Pamela Briones and Vania Escudero.

*NOTE: All the material is authorship of the students, this post has been only published with educational purposes. The use of this material is only for visual reference.

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